How To Do Hair Fashion For A Balding Man

Balding men often think they have very little options for their hair styles.  That isn’t true.  There are a variety of ways you can style your hair as you continue to lose it or just lost in certain areas.  Here are some of the styling options that you have open to you.  Take a look and find what option is right for you.

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Close Shave

The close shave for balding men is something that you see a fair amount of time in movie stars.  Simply take a shaver and use a 1 or 2 to get very close to the head.  It leaves you with barely any difference in hair and head, just enough to be stylish.

The Comb Over

You can’t get any more classic than the comb over.  The comb over can be achieved with just about any hair length.  With a faded side a short top, the top is brushed to one side.  This creates kind of a comb over with the hair, partially hiding the balding spot/spots.

Brushed Forward Spikes

Spiked hairstyles have been popular for men for quite a while now, this one is great for men with receding hairlines or bald spots.  The faded hair on the sides with longer hair on the top.  When you are preparing your hair, you put gel in the hair and comb your spikes forward.

Balding Fade

When you are balding, why not own it?  This style uses a very short faded side that looks great with a beard.  Then on top, your hair is swept back and gelled.  It creates a very manly image.  It can help someone who is feeling conflicted about their hair loss feel better with a hair style that is fabulous.

Embrace and Shave

It used to be that many men would try to save their hair when they noticed that they were going bald.  Men have become a little less self-conscious and started to embrace the baldness.  Shaving your hair off might be a big move but it is one that easily manageable and can be just as stylish.  Just look on TV.